BioActive Food researches, develops and produces nutritional supplements. The development of almost all preparations was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research or the Federal Ministry of Economics. Most of the preparations have a so-called health claim. Example: Vitamin K contributes to the maintenance of normal bones. Such health claims are awarded by the EU and are based on the reports of the European authority EFSA. The reviewers primarily evaluate the results of clinical studies. In these studies, the effect is examined on humans (compared to the placebo group).

Alternative extraction methods without organic solvents, studies of the bioavailability of plant ingredients and the efficient use of natural raw materials also play a major role in the development of our dietary supplements.

NEW IN OUR RANGE: A care cream specially developed for dry and irritated skin, e.g. for neurodermatitis: Natural flavonoids from green tea, apple and kale strengthen the skin barrier.
The cream is filled into a patented sterile dispenser, which closes airtight again after each use. Therefore it does not contain any preservatives. We also do not use ethanol (alcohol), essential oils or fragrances.

In cooperation with universities and medium-sized companies, we implement the latest findings from science and research in our products.

Natural vegetable concentrates and extracts

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